South Maui: Why South Maui?

Sun and more sun is probably the main reason people like South Maui.  Given its location on the “leeward side” of the island, South Maui was designed to be a visitor community on our south shore in the 70’s to complement the west side visitor community from Lahaina to Kaanapali. With the abundance of white sand beaches, mostly calm waters, lots of sunshine and better convenience to Central Maui, what was once a very small rural community living off a dirt road with keawe (mesquite) trees quickly became a visitor destination. Of course, where there are visitors, there are residents who support the visitor industry or just want to be close to the beach. So while Kihei was intended to be the focal point for residents and visitors, Wailea and Makena were designed to be upscale resort communities with condominiums, hotels and golf courses. As a residential/visitor community, South Maui offers all the varied conveniences of eateries, entertainment, parks and grocery stores day and night. And yes, warm sunsets are a given.