MAUI! Where is the “best place to live on Maui” is a question asked by everyone contemplating a real estate purchase on Maui. Close to the beach, close to work, close to school, a rural setting, a sunset view, a safe neighborhood for my children and close to public transportation are several of the common lifestyle issues we deal with as Realtors . But what about climate? Being on a tropical island, we certainly have rainy areas along our windward areas of East Maui or portions of the Northshore. Of course, we have sunny and hot areas along the leeward coastlines like in South Maui and portions of West Maui.  But did you know we also have cooler climates where it might get down in the 40’s and 50’s during our winter months as we have in the upcountry areas of Makawao/Olinda and Kula. So the “best place to live on Maui” usually ends up being a combination of these lifestyle issues and climate wants. Luckily, we live on an island so you can drive in or out of these climate zones within minutes. You may choose to live in a cooler environment with an awesome sunset view but be within ½ hour of the beach. Or you may be willing to live in a rainier climate so you can see and/or catch the surf on your way to or from work. Of course, if no yard condo living suits your lifestyle best, they can be found in all climate zones, from the sunny to the cool. Tough decisions for some but no brainer decisions for others.

Maui offers 6 somewhat distinct districts but with its own set of micro-climates within each district. So if you’re ready, click the map below to find out more about each district and what is currently available in each district.

Lastly, what is not discussed here is the diverse ethnic and cultural landscape that makes Hawaii, Hawaii. Every district of Maui have stories to tell about itʻs rich indigenous and cultural landscape so when the time is right, we can have that discussion too. Mahalo!