East Maui: Why East Maui?

If solitude and an overabundance of natural beauty is your desire, East Maui might be for you. As well, the community commitment to a more traditional subsistence lifestyle is what separates East Maui from other communities on Maui. Granted, subsistence lifestyles exist over all parts of Maui, but as a whole, the whole East Maui community lives and breathes it. If you are drawn to East Maui, know that food, medical and restaurant facilities are limited, but what better neighbors to have in times of need. East Maui is on our windward coast so that means a rainier climate but all that is relative to what part of East Maui you live in. Nahiku is certainly the wettest but it gets a little drier as you continue to Hana town, then Kipahulu, and then you end up in Kaupo where dry desert conditions exist. This a vast region, encompassing many more micro-climates than most districts of Maui so keep an open mind.