Preparing Your Property For Sale

A big part of selling a property is the preparation needed to get it ready to sell before using proven techniques to get it sold. The following highlights the most important issues.

  1. Price it Right!
    • The upside to a competitively priced property is more showings, more offers and a “sale” in a reasonable amount of time.
    • Serious buyers will be discouraged from even looking at what they consider to be an overpriced property.
    • Those buyers that make an offer sometimes make a “low-ball” offer, because they feel that it is the only way to counter an overpriced property.
    • A property on the market for too long becomes “shop-worn”, and even Realtors become discouraged from showing it, if they feel there are better competitively priced properties and therefore, a more motivated seller.
    • The time to price a property “right”, is in the beginning!!
  2. First Impressions are Ever-Lasting!!
    A good first impression tells the buyer that you have maintained your property, you enjoy the benefits of home ownership and you love where you live. Consider the following to make a good first impression.
    • Improve your curb-appeal.
      Curb appeal is what someone sees from the street. Maintained landscaping, colorful plants and a fresh coat of paint gives a prospect a good feeling about the condition of the property.
    • Small Repairs Make a Big Difference
      Little things like squeaking doors, loose knobs, cracked plaster and other minor flaws add up in a buyers mind. Typically, a prospect will discount the property much more than it would cost to actually repair the problem.
    • Paint is Cheap
      Faded walls and cracked paint reduces appeal. If the home is dark, it might behoove you to consider painting it a lighter color. It will give the home a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.
  3. Tricks of the Trade!
    Our goal here (yours and mine) is to make the prospect feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. The longer they linger on your property, the better.
    • Make it Light, Make it Airy
      Provide maximum lighting by opening drapes and turning all the lights on. This will make it more cheerful.
    • Remove the Clutter
      Make your closets seem ample by removing unnecessary items and by keeping it tidy. Removing excess furniture will make rooms seem larger than it actually is. Removing excess pictures, trophies and collections will give the buyer a better chance to see it as their home.
    • Make it Sparkle, Make it Homey
      Everyone likes cleanliness; the cleaner, the better. Flowers and the smell of cooking (i.e. fresh cookies) add a feeling of warmth and comfort to the prospect.
    • Three’s a Crowd
      It’s always best that the sellers are not present at showings to make the prospect feel more relaxed. We want the prospect to feel comfortable enough to ask questions that they might not want to ask with the seller present.